The Top 3 Reasons You Should be Painting

For Relaxation and Stress Relief:

Yes, painting is my job but, I also find that it relaxes me (crazy right, how you can work relax you?!) That’s because the act of painting itself is therapeutic. Seriously. It’s even a technique used it actual therapy (ever heard of art therapy?) When I paint, all my focus goes to watching the brush move the paint across the sign, and at that moment, I forget everything else. It’s amazing!

It’s an Inexpensive Hobby:

It really isn’t that expensive to paint. Acrylic paint is super cheap (you can find a 2-ounce bottle for around $1, or a 6 pack for close to $5 at Walmart), and it’s easy to paint over. If you ever mess up, you can just paint right over it, as you can use the paint on just about anything. My favorite thing about acrylic paint is that it is super easy to clean. It does stain clothes if left to sit for a while (it otherwise comes right off when washed with cold water and soap) but if you get it on your countertops or the floor, it will wipe right off. Even if it dries, it will peel off easily! Another perk is that canvas isn’t expensive either. However, finding scrap wood is an even better, more cost-efficient option. Just think about any wood pieces from home renovations or your backyard that you could be using.

Makes for a Good Gift:

It’s not just to “save money,” but creating a gift for someone, something handmade and personalized can be way more meaningful than anything you buy at the store. When you personally craft a gift, you are giving someone something they can cherish for a long time. Even then, personalizing gifts are a great way to make sure someone gets the perfect gift! Trust me I know. My daughter is so fun to get gifts for because she has a unique style, but sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift. I’ve definitely made her a few pieces before! Even my older daughter, a recent graduate of Texas Tech University, has her Double T logo displayed proudly in her new Chicago apartment. None of this is to say that I’m so amazing that my work is the perfect gift - that’s not what it’s about. It’s more about putting my time and energy into it that makes it special.

Now that you know why painting is such a good hobby, it’s time to get busy! Be sure to share your progress with me by tagging @CanvasSignDesigns on social media. I can’t wait to see what y’all create!