Types of Paint

Believe it or not, the different kinds of paint make a big difference in painting projects. Not every paint is intended for the same type of project. You’d be surprised how different they look.

So how do you know which is best for your latest DIY obsession?

Let’s find out!

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint has got to be my absolute favorite paint. It’s the most user-friendly and versatile option out there. Acrylic paint will be easy to remove. Unlike other paint options, typically this kind won’t stain your medium (medium = canvas, paper, wood, any surface you’re working on that could act as a “canvas”) and can peel off once you sand over the top layer.

Some mediums absorb paint more than others, so it’s always a good idea to plan on the paint being difficult to get out. Paper, for example, won’t be an easy surface to remove acrylic paint from.

That being said, generally, acrylic paint is super easy to clean! As long as you treat the area stain right away, it will come out. Unless you have some kind of fabric like silk or cashmere. This type of paint is water-based, so fresh stains will wash out with some dish soap and water. If the stain is dry, try to scrape off as much as you can first. I can attest to this - I have spilled lots of paint!

Latex Paint

Latex is best used for interior painting. In fact, it’s the most common paint used for this. Latex paint is a fan favorite for many reasons.

It’s fast-drying, so it makes painting in the house a lot less painful and time-consuming. As compared to oil paints, it's also easier to clean up because it is water-based like acrylic paint just use soap and water. It’s durable and less susceptible to exterior damage like flaking, peeling, and blistering. Overall, this paint is a good investment and will last you a while.


Another water-based paint, watercolors are great for craft time with the kids! It’s easy to use on paper too, and again, as a water-based paint, it’s easy to clean up - just use soap and water.

Watercolor is a very light paint, so be aware that you aren’t going to get a rich color when painting with it. You will have to paint a few layers before you get a pigmented color.

This paint comes in tubes and in tins, but if you’re painting with kids, I recommend using tins. They’re easier to clean, you don’t have to spend time rationing out paint, and each kid can get their own tin - we all know how much kids want their own things. Most tins come with a brush, so you won’t have to think about buying one just for it to get smashed up. It’s a bargain!

Chalk paint

Chalk paint is my favorite type of paint to use whenever I am painting furniture or wood. It naturally has a matte finish, dries quickly, and doesn’t require a lot of layers to get a pigmented color. Even though I love it for furniture, you can use it on anything - walls, wood, furniture, metal, and concrete. This type of paint will likely take some prep – sanding and priming - to get the full effect.

Chalk paint is another water-based paint, so clean up will just require soap and water. It is easy on brushes and rollers, so cleaning those off will be hassle-free!

This paint is not to be confused with chalkboard paint, which is what gives you the typical chalkboard look which you can use chalk to write on. That paint is not so easy to remove.

Milk Paint

Milk paint is not as different as it sounds, it actually looks pretty standard, but it does offer a unique spin on furniture. It’s non-toxic and made from completely natural ingredients, so it’s a safe product to use in a home with small children.

This paint comes in a powder form, so you have total control on how light or pigmented you want the color to be. If you want a strong color, add more water. Or if you want a lighter color like watercolor, opt-out on the water. Depending on how the water is mixed, you can change the texture and appearance of the paint.

Milk paint is most used for an antique finish because it was used in the Victorian era as an alternative to toxic wallpaper. By using this type of paint, you are achieving the same antique look. It hardly ever chips, peels, or fades since it’s absorbed into porous surfaces. Be careful though – it will stain!

There are so many types of paint, and all of the ones on the list are relatively low cost, easily accessible, and easy to paint with! All of these paints can be found at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or any other store where you can get paint. I’d love to see what projects you guys come up with – furniture, repainting the living room, anything! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook @canvassigndesigns and check out my blogs for more crafting ideas.