How many of you out there sit and watch someone hand letter something with absolute envy? It is so fascinating to watch isn’t it? Well, it’s time to stop watching, and start learning. That’s right ladies, grab and friend and join me as I walk you through an introduction on hand lettering and faux calligraphy. I will provide you with all the perfect tools to help get you started. I will show you how to thicken your strokes and how to connect your letters, so you can put your own personal touch and personality to your lettering. It is very easy to get discouraged in the beginning. Especially when your lettering looks nothing like others you have seen. I am here to tell you my friend, it takes A LOT of practice!  It is my hope that you leave the class with the confidence and tools to practice until you are amazing! You won’t have to waste time, like I did, searching for the right tools and techniques. You won’t have to waste money buying supplies that don’t work. Trust me, it adds up! I will share everything I know with you. Find out what gives me inspiration and how I get though creative blocks. Take all that, along with my hands on help (you can’t get that from an online course) and you will be ready to create the lettering of your dreams. 

Hand Lettering for Beginners


        $65 per person             


This 2 hour class includes:
Lettering kit, yours to take home which includes:
110 page, personalized hardback sketch book

Tombow Dual Brush Pen

Crayola Super Tips Marker


Tombow Eraser

Practice Workbook
Tracing paper