Adult Paint Parties

Interested in having an In-Home Paint Party? An In-Home Paint Party is a perfect way to get together and have some fun with family, friends or co-workers in the comfort of your own home! We travel to you (Dallas, Rockwall, Plano and surrounding areas) and bring everything necessary. This includes: tables and chairs for up to 10 people if necessary. We also have several vinyl table covers that can be used on your tables as well. We provide canvas drop cloths to put on the floor if desired. We bring aprons, paints, brushes and everything needed to paint. Your sign includes a LARGE (much larger than they appear in the pictures) wooden 1/4” wood cutout, a rope hanger and a bow.



$50 per person - Cash is preferred and guests can pay at the party. There is a $50 deposit required upon scheduling. This deposit will be refunded to the hostess at the party, as long as the minimum requirement of 10 people has been met. If the party is less than 10 people, the $50 deposit will cover the cost of the hostess’ sign. If the hostess cancels her party, the deposit will not be refunded. If the hostess reschedules her party, the deposit will be transferred to the new date.6 person minimum (If you do not have 6 people to attend, your party will be asked to reschedule, so invite as many people as you can!!)no maximum. We are always prepared for a large group, so fill up those parties!!!!Hostess gets her sign free, as long as your party meets the requirement of 10 guests (9 plus the hostess = 10)An event will be created for your party which will include the sign choices available. These vary, depending on the time of year or holidays the party is scheduled. The Hostess will also be provided with these sections. Each guest will need to choose the sign they would like to paint 4-5 days prior to the party, so that we can have it cut out and ready to bring to the party. We always try to bring a few extras just in case we have last minute guests. They are always welcome. We schedule parties on Wednesdays - Sundays, during the day or evenings. Parties should start no later than 7:00pm. The weekends book up first and I am usually booking 2-3 months out, so book ASAP!!!!



We will arrive at your party location at the party start time. This allows time for your guests to arrive and chit chat while we set up. This process usually takes 30 mins. After we are set up, it will be time to paint. We prep as much as possible to make the process smooth and easy. We have example books and color palates and stencils to help. You may choose your own colors and get as creative as you want or stick to the example. We will help you with everything necessary. After you finish painting your sign, we are happy to add any accents, touch ups and writing to your sign that you want. I want everyone to leave with a sign they are proud of and excited to display in their home. We finish with a spray coat of sealant to insure your sign is protected from fading or water damage. Expect the party to last 4 hours, depending on the number of guests attending and the amount of signs that need touching up.